An increasing number of employers, including top conglomerates like Google and Deloitte, are placing less value on academic credentials. They prize talent more than anything, including aptitude, personality, acquired skills and industry knowledge.

This is supported by studies such as Corporate Recruiters Survey 2015. The report released by the Graduate Management Admission Council showed that 92% of recruiters surveyed would consider a candidate based on their proven ability to perform. When it comes to landing a job, it is no longer a question of whether candidates are qualified for a job, but rather what other competencies can they contribute.

Taylor’s University is taking action to future-proof graduates to be ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by introducing the Taylor’s Curriculum Framework (TCF). The TCF is a flexible study framework that delivers a relevant and dynamic curriculum, increases opportunities for overseas and industry experiences, and provides a multi-dimensional education, created with the building blocks of academic excellence, life skills and emotional well-being.

The new curriculum framework for Taylor's degree programmes consists of a combination of:


Join us in the Taylor’sphere, our well-balanced learning ecosystem and community, supported by staff, industry partners, and alumni. We future-proof you by developing your personalised blend of three intelligences: intellect, craft, and practical wisdom.


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