All international students are required to have a valid Student Pass and Visa while studying at Taylor’s University. 

Those who are holding the Diplomatic Pass or Malaysian Permanent Residents (PR) - with Malaysian identity cards, Residence Pass – Talent (RP) as well as those with MM2H and Dependent Pass (with Permission to Study Stamp/Letter from Immigration) are exempted from applying the Student Pass and Visa.  You are required to apply the student pass through the Taylor’s International Office. However should there be any changes in the policies set by the Malaysian Immigration Department and Ministry of Education (MOE), it is pertinent that students abide with the conditions set.

Since February 2013, the Malaysia Ministry of Education has established Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) as the one-stop centre to process the student pass of all international students studying in private institutions in Malaysia.



Please ensure that your passport has a validity of at least 18 months. Once Taylor’s receives all required documents from you, the International Office (IO) will submit your student pass approval application to EMGS. EMGS will thoroughly vet your application and qualification. If you are eligible, EMGS will endorse your application and submit to Immigration for final approval.

If Immigration approves, you will be issued the Visa Approval Letter (VAL). EMGS will notify Taylor’s to collect the VAL once it’s ready. Taylor’s will then notify you and send the VAL to you. The whole process of the student pass application may take approximately 8 weeks. This duration is just estimation and it is dependent on EMGS and Immigration.

Single Entry Visa (SEV) with VAL reference is required for selected nationalities entering Malaysia as a student.


Click here to see lists of visa required countries


Kindly contact the nearest Malaysian High Commission/Malaysian Embassy/Consulate or visit to obtain the SEV (if applicable) before purchasing your flight tickets to enter Malaysia.

Upon receiving the VAL and SEV (if applicable), you can start making preparations to Malaysia to start a new chapter at Taylor’s University. Airport pick up is available for new students. Kindly fill up the E-request from the Pre-Boarding Checklist page.

However, in the event that your student pass application is rejected, we will inform you via email.


Upon arrival, you must perform the post arrival medical health check within three (3) days with the panel clinics appointed by EMGS. You may obtain the form and the list of appointed panel clinics with Taylor’s International Office (IO). You must submit your passport after the medical check-up to the International Office within seven (7) days after your arrival . IO will help to submit your passport to EMGS for student pass and visa endorsement. The endorsement process may take approximately six (6) - eight (8) weeks. This duration is just estimation and is dependent on EMGS and Immigration.

Your Student Pass approval is subject to your post arrival medical health check report. We will notify you via email or phone call should your report is failed. Appealing of medical health check report is subject to the approval from the EMGS.


  • You are NOT to arrange any travel arrangement during the endorsement process till you receive back your passport.

  • You are responsible to perform the medical check-up and submit your passport to International Office (IO) within the stipulated time. If you don’t perform the tasks on time, it will cause insufficient time for EMGS to process your endorsement. International Office (IO) will have to apply a Special Pass for you which will cost additional charge. If you only submit your passport after the expiry date, it is considered as overstay. Overstay is an offence. Immigration Malaysia will impose penalty and may even blacklist you or even being imprisoned.

  • Usually, the validity of the student pass is 12 months. However, the duration is subject to the discretion of Immigration Malaysia. You have to check the duration when you collect your passport from International Office (IO).

Effective from 1 Oct 2014, all international students will receive an iKad (International Students Card) once your student pass has been endorsed. The iKad will contain your name, passport number, education institution you enrolled and duration of your student pass. You can use your iKad to travel within Peninsula Malaysia.


It is the responsibility of the student to monitor the expiry date of their Student Pass (Visa). Students are required to submit the renewal documents for Student Pass (Visa) extension four (4) months before the expiry / internship / school trip and etc. (whichever is earlier). The passport for endorsement has to be submitted two (2) months before expiry date/internship/school trip/etc. (whichever is earlier)

There will be a charge of RM190.00 imposed by EMGS for the annual Student Pass renewal which includes the Student Pass and Visa application fee (RM140) and iKAD (RM50).

The following documents are required for Student Pass and Visa Renewal Application:

  • Two (2) clear sets of Full Passport Photocopy (All pages including blank pages and cover page) Passport must have a minimum eighteen (18) months validity).

  • Two (2) passport size photo (with Blue background) 3.5cm wide x 5cm height.

  • One (1) copy of passport particular page and latest Student Pass page (to be certied true copy by International Office and kept by students).

  • Special Pass payment (RM300) if submission of renewal documents is done less than eight (8) weeks from expiry date .

Once we receive all the required documents, International Office (IO) will submit to EMGS. After EMGS approves your renewal application, International Office (IO) submit your passport to EMGS for visa endorsement. You should submit your passport to International Office (IO) eight (8) weeks before your student pass expiry date.

The renewal endorsement may take approximately 6 – 8 weeks (from the date of your passport submission to EMGS). You should NOT make any travel arrangement during your endorsement process till your passport is return to you with a valid Student Pass.

For your renewal of Student Pass to be approved, your attendance in class should not fall below 80% and you need to achieve a minimum of CGPA 2.00 as required by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.


  • Regular attendance is compulsory. The university is required by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Malaysia to report to the MOE, Police and Immigration if you are absent for 3 consecutive days without valid reason or prior permission from the university.

  • The above requirements are subject to change depending on EMGS and Immigration Malaysia. Please always refer to International Office at Level 2, Block A for more details and updates.

Malaysia Immigration Department requires all international students to cancel their Student Pass and Visa when they have completed their studies, termination, deferred (if it is more than 3 months) or withdrawn from the University. Submission of original passport and copy of flight ticket departing 4 weeks later (e.g Submission of passport for cancellation is August 1 & date of departure is September 1) for cancellation of Student Pass (Visa) must be received by International Office four (4) weeks before travelling date.

If your travelling date for student pass cancellation is after your student pass expiry date, please do seek advice from International Office 3 weeks before your student pass expiry date before purchase any flight ticket.

Leaving without proper cancelling your student pass will result in the forfeiture of your Personal Bond deposit by Immigration Malaysia and can cause consequences if student decides to apply to another institution within Malaysia.


You are responsible to monitor the expiry date of your pass and visa. Overstaying is an offence in Malaysian Law. Immigration will impose a penalty ranging from RM1,000 – RM5,000 depending on the duration of your overstay. You may be blacklisted and deported back to your home country. You can be prohibited to enter Malaysia for a period of time. You may even be imprisoned. Taylor’s University will also impose a daily penalty charge for overstayed students.

Leaving without proper cancelling your student pass will result in the forfeiture of your Personal Bond deposit by Immigration Malaysia and can cause consequences if student decides to apply to another institution within Malaysia.


General Rules and Regulations:

  • A student must abide by Malaysian law at all times

  • A student has committed a case of misconduct when:

    • He is found guilty of criminal charges by court

    • He is involved in any jobs, trades or the like, on part-time basis, which are deemed illegal in the Immigration Ordinance 1959 and the Immigration Rules and Regulations 1963 or other laws or that which could affect his studies.
  • A student is to abide by all the rules and regulations that are enforced by the institution

  • A student must at all times respect the culture, norms and beliefs of the locals.
  • A student is permitted to do part-time work for 20 hours per week during semester breaks or any holiday exceeding seven (7) days.

  • Permitted places of work are Restaurants, Petrol Kiosks, Mini Markets and Hotels only (excluding singer, masseur, musician, GRO and other activities deemed immoral) as long as the student pass remains valid.

  • Students are not permitted to work as cashier.

  • Permission to work part-time is extendable by the Immigration Malaysia depending on the student’s attendance and academic reports.

  • Application from students studying in Private Higher Educational Institutions must be submitted by the respective institutions to the Immigration headquarter in Putrajaya.

It is considered a serious offence if a student:

  • is found to be in possession of any kind of drugs and poisons. The term ‘drug’ is as defined in the Dangerous Drug Act 1952

  • is found to provide, to supply, to distribute, to offer or to prepare any of the above drugs or poisons to any other parties

  • is involved in drug abuse of any kind.

It is considered a serious offence if a student is found to be in possession or in supervision of any dangerous weapons or explosive materials. ‘Weapon’ is as defined in the Weapons Act 1971.

Please always refer to personnel at Taylor’s International Office (IO) or International Student Services (ISS) department whenever you have any doubts on Malaysian Law.


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