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Portrait photo for Professor Dr Anindita Dasgupta

Professor Dr Anindita Dasgupta

Eradicating Poverty Impact Lab Director

Anindita Dasgupta is the Impact Lab Director for Eradicating Poverty. She is Professor of Social History and Head of School, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Taylor’s University.  Anindita is the Review Editor for Millennial Asia: An International Journal of Asian Studies. Currently, she is a Visiting Professor at the University of Toulouse Jean-Jaures, France.


Anindita has about 20 years of experience in academia in India and Malaysia, and her purpose is to write back voices of the unheard and marginalized communities into the ‘mainstream’ historical discourse. She lives her purpose by conducting research in some of the most challenging terrains in South Asia, which have included civilians in conflict zones, and population displacement due to natural disasters and insurgencies. Her current research focuses on creating a memory archive through intensive fieldwork among eyewitnesses of the 1947 Partition of the Indian Subcontinent


Anindita has received prestigious international research grants including the South Asian Fellowship of Social Science Research Council. New York, SEPHIS fellowship of International Institute of Social History, The Netherlands, Kodikara Fellowship (postdoctoral) of Regional Centre of Strategic Studies, Sri Lanka and Defence Research Fellow Exchange Program between ASEAN countries and Japan, National Institute of Defence Studies, Japan, among others.


Anindita has carried out intensive fieldwork-based research among vulnerable communities in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. She is the author of two books, a monograph and over 50 research publications, and speaks seven languages fluently, including Bahasa Malaysia. Her research on India’s 1947 Partition is recognized by peers as pioneering work, and is widely quoted in the academia and relevant media in South Asia.

Portrait photo for Associate Professor Dr Afizan Azman

Associate Professor Dr Afizan Azman

Digital Innovation and Smart Society Lab Director

Afizan Azman is an Associate Professor and a Director for Impact Lab Digital Innovation & Smart Society at Taylor’s University, Selangor. He was a former Deputy Vice Chancelor (DVC) at University College of Islam Melaka (KUIM), Malaysia now known as Universiti Melaka (UniMel). Previously he was a President/Chief of Executive at Melaka International College of Science and Technology (MiCoST), Melaka and a former Deputy Dean at Multimedia University, Malaysia.


Afizan Azman has completed his PhD in Computer Science from Loughborough University, United Kingdom and his Masters of IT from University College of London (UCL), United Kingdom. He has been in the academia for more than 15 years and always has interest the field of Digital and Technology focusing on Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Vehicle System and Technology and Internet of Things. To achieve his goal to create an efficient ecosystem in Malaysia with digital and technology, he has been involved with many research activities as a project leader and project member either for the government or universities. Some of his projects are: Development of Sistem UPU online for Melaka, Establishing Universiti Melaka with a concept of Digitalising Human, Connected Car Services - Automatic Facial Expression Recognition for Driver Satisfaction Detection and for Vehicle Data Analytics, Fatigue Attentive System for Driver (FATs), A Real Time Multilingual Customer Sentiment Mining, A Framework for Vehicle Mobility Communications in Urban Environment and more.


Until today, Afizan Azman is actively involved in State Government of Melaka by giving his consultation and advocacy. Previously he was appointed as the Think-Tank Member under Portfolio Exco Pendidikan dan Teknologi Negeri Melaka. His responsibilities were to align Pelan Strategik Melakaku Maju Jaya 2035 in education with the digital and technology.

Portrait photo for Professor Dato' Dr Andrew Mohanraj

Professor Dato' Dr Andrew Mohanraj

Mental and Health and Well-being Impact Lab Director

Dato Dr Andrew is a Consultant Psychiatrist, President of the Malaysian Mental Health Association, the Board of Directors of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) and formerly Mental Health and Substance Abuse Consultant for World Health Organization (WHO) South East Asia & Pacific Regional Office.


His main achievement and purpose are to remove physical restraints in people with chronic mental illness. He has done pioneering work in the establishment of sustainable psychosocial rehabilitation services in Indonesia (post disaster, post conflict) , The Philippines (post disaster) and Timor Leste (post conflict).


He is engaged in periodic consultancy to provide mental health services to refugees and asylum seekers whose intended destination is Australia.

Portrait photo for Associate Professor Dr Anthony Ho Siong Hock

Associate Professor Dr Anthony Ho Siong Hock

Active Ageing Impact Lab Director

Anthony is the Director of Active Ageing Impact Lab and has been the Pro Vice Chancellor for Research & Enterprise for the past 5 years.


Prior to that he was the Dean of the School of Biosciences teaching Pharmacology, Physiology and Cell Biology.  He has supervised many postgraduate students and published over 25 papers pursuing Research in Cancer Biology and Natural Bioactive compounds.  


He is the current President of the Malaysian Society for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and aspires to bridge his professional advocacy role with the goals of Purpose Learning at Taylor's to inspire and challenge students, young academics and peers to better the world and enrich the communities in which they live in through responsible science.  


He intends to build a platform for multidisciplinary stakeholders to identify, articulate and develop solutions for challenges affecting the daily lives of older persons.

Portrait photo for Dr Benjamin Loh Yew Hoong

Dr Benjamin Loh Yew Hoong

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Impact Lab Director

Dr Benjamin YH Loh is currently a senior lecturer at Taylor’s University School of Media and Communication and the Impact Lab Director for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.


He is a media scholar who employs digital ethnography in studying online cultures and the digital public sphere. His areas of interest include minority communities and their use of online spaces and digital activism.


Using his research, he has a strong focus on public engagement through his many op-ed publications in Malaysiakini, Nikkei Asia Review, South China Morning Post, Free Malaysia Today, Malay Mail and the Vibes. He regularly speaks about media issues on BFM radio and Astro Awani.


His works include co-edited books “Sabah from the Ground: The 2020 Elections and the Politics of Survival” (ISEAS/SIRD 2021) with Bridget Welsh and Vilashini Somiah, and “New Media in the Margins: Lived Realities and Experiences from the Malaysian Peripheries” (Palgrave 2023) with James Chin.

Portrait photo for Associate Professor Dr Camelia May Li Kusumo

Dr Camelia May Li Kusumo

Liveable Urban Communities Impact Lab Director

Dr Camelia is a sustainability enthusiast and an urban designer, an architect and an academic by profession, with extensive experience in concept development ranging from small-scale residential projects, public-and commercial building design to large mixed-use urban development projects, which are located across the world: the Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Through the years, her extended experience in research and design give her not only a hands-on experience in the realisation of buildings and master plans, but also the capability to operate beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture and urban design. Dr Camelia has vast experience in leadership, supervision and project management. Additionally, she is an advocate on community engagement. Particularly, she has been involved in community mobilisation and research-based projects on issues related to sustainable urban development.


Dr Camelia Kusumo is currently Programme Director for the Masters of Architecture at the School of Architecture, Building and Design, Faculty of Innovation & Technology, Taylor’s University. Her expertise is particularly in sustainable urban design and architecture, 3D printing, biomimicry, social housing and urban heritage. Additionally, she is the leader of the research group Affordable and Liveable Asian Cities and a member of the Centre for Research and Innovation in Tourism at Taylor’s University (CRiT). She is also an editorial board member of the Journal of Advances in Civil Engineering and Sustainable Architecture and the Al-Quds Journal for Academic Research – Humanities and Social Sciences.​

Portrait photo for Associate Professor Ts Dr Chockalingam Aravind Vaithilingam

Associate Professor Ts Dr Chockalingam Aravind Vaithilingam

Clean Technology Impact Lab Director

Aravind is currently the Clean Technology Impact Lab Director and Programme Director for Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Taylor’s University. 


Being in the academia for more than 20 years, Aravind believes in value enabled  research through innovation that inform the classroom engagements.


Dr. Aravind is a Professional Technologists with the Malaysian Board of Technologists, a member with the Society of Engineering Education Malaysia, a Senior member with IEEE and member of IET UK.


Dr Aravind also heads VERTICALS, a high impact research cluster and holds multiple filed patents in energy applications with the more recent on hybrid low-cost solar energy harvester in 2021. He has published over 150 indexed dissemination and have acquired grant value of USD 336,365 of which 49% as Principal Investigator since 2007. Projects involved majoring on clean energy technology with focus on developing affordable and low-cost solutions. 


Aravind is also developer of multiple award-winning CODE design thinking enterprise framework which he used to develop teaching, learning, research, teaching and consulting solutions.

Portrait photo for Associate Professor Ts Dr Chong Li Choo

Associate Professor Ts Dr Chong Li Choo

Food Security and Nutrition Impact Lab Director

Associate Professor Dr Chong Li Choo is currently the Food Security & Nutrition Impact Lab Director and the programme Director for Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Culinology, School of Food Studies & Gastronomy, Taylor’s University. Dr Chong’s purpose is to transform future foods to be better in nutrition, sustainable, safe yet indulgent. As an accomplished academician, her aim is to educate and empower the new generation to advocates for child’s health, transforming the current food industry towards a healthier and more sustainable food future.


In seeking to bridge between education, practice, and research, she curated and led several distinctive collaborative projects in collaboration with Food Aids Foundation, Though for Food Foundation, various food MNC and Ministry of Agriculture & Food Industry (MAFI), working on national food & nutrition sustainable and tackling food waste issue though research and education.

Dr Chong Li Choo is an active researcher who has ventured into the field of healthy and functional food product development through sustainable local agriculture produces for almost two decades. She is currently also engaged in various research grants on green technology approach in providing solution for obesity and hypertension issue caused by unhealthy food and eating habit, also the pesticide issue in post-harvest processing.


Dr Chong Li Choo is very concern on children health and nutrition. To ensure children and future generation able to access the nutritious foods and create healthy eating habits, she is actively engaged in educating children in healthy eating & nutrition through community projects and primary school activities. She strongly believes in children’s health, the nation’s wealth. 


In recognizing as the expert and advocate in healthy & sustainable food product development, she received several national & international awards in the field of sustainable food product development Her persistent in inspiring students and making significant impact to the Dr Chong Li Choo is honored to be awarded the President Award by The Research Chefs Association (RCA), United States in 2020.

Portrait photo for Associate Professor Dr Chong Wei Ying

Associate Professor Dr Chong Wei Ying

Active Ageing Impact Lab Deputy Director

Dr. Chong Wei Ying is an accomplished Associate Professor who currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Active Ageing Impact Lab at Taylor's University.


With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, education, and research, Dr. Chong has honed her administrative and research skills and has a wide range of research interests, including innovation in small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurial strategies.


Her work centers around advancing the understanding and performance of entrepreneurs through the application of motivational theories, statistics, and performance evaluation.

Portrait photo for Professor Dr Chong Pei Pei

Professor Dr Chong Pei Pei

Digital Health and Innovations Impact Lab Director

Prof. Dr. Chong Pei Pei is currently the Lab Director for the Digital Health and Innovations Impact lab cum the Head of Research at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Taylor’s University.


Upon graduating from the United Kingdom, she began her career as a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Microbiology, National University of Singapore. The following year, she returned to Malaysia and served as a lecturer in University Putra Malaysia, following her inner calling to nurture and educate the next generation of biomedical and health sciences practitioners.

Over the years, she was successful in securing many research grants from government ministries of education, and science & technology and private organizations such as MAKNA (Malaysian National Cancer Council) totalling more than 2 million cumulatively to realize some of her research initiatives. Several patents were also granted both at national and international level, along with innovative research awards at national level.


Science is forever evolving, and the pace of discovery of new knowledge and development of new technologies is tremendous especially with the advent of the digital era. Hence, since joining Taylor’s University (TU), she began to engage in not only health and medical research but also trans-disciplinary research which adopt state-of-the-art technologies in computer sciences as well as engineering in collaboration with my colleagues from other schools to devise innovative solutions to health problems.


This is reflected by the number of research grants she won since 2019 after joining TU, whereby she is the project leader of a Fundamental Research Grant (FRGS) and a Prototype Research Grant (PRGS), as well as co-researcher of 7 other FRGS grants from the Ministry of Higher Education. Three of the grants involve multi-disciplinary projects such as Profiling of Pornography Addiction among Children using Neuro-Physiological Computational Model (NCM), Innovating an Improved Cervical Cell Sampling Device via 3D Printing Prototyping, and Developing a Framework for Automated Cancer Cells Detection using Computer Vision and Deep Learning Algorithms.


In addition to teaching of undergraduate courses, Pei Pei is also a Module Leader for a postgraduate core module known as Research Methods for Science, where she not only imparts basic knowledge on research methodology to Masters and PhD students from biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, engineering and computer science disciplines, but also instils in them the motivation to do research that will bring impact to humanity.

Portrait photo for Dr Joann P. S. Lim

Dr Joann P. S. Lim

Liveable Urban Communities Impact Lab Deputy Director

Dr Joann is currently the Deputy Director of Liveable Urban Communities Impact Lab and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events (SHTE), Taylor’s University.


Prior to joining academia in 2014, Dr Joann has over 2 decades of diverse corporate experience from the oil and gas industry to banking, education and hospitality sector. She gravitates towards other like-minded people who believes that "doing good" and "running a business" can go hand in hand. She believes in making a difference with fresh and dynamic approaches to entrepreneurial thinking, blending with environmental care for the planet, in addition to business pragmatics.


Dr Joann had the privilege to be part of several notable projects related to environmental sustainability, such as:

  • The “Green Frontier - A Malaysian Journey” coffee table book produced as part of IGEM 2011 - Awareness Zone, endorsed by the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Malaysia (KeTTHA). The book documents the journey of Malaysians in the green industry and provides insights to the impact and direction their businesses would have on the planet and, perhaps, future generations. Joann’s contributions in this project includes research, photos and interviews of the selected personalities.

  • Consultant on Green Marketing Training Module for the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (2013)

  • KL 2017 29th SEA Games – Coordinator for Green Volunteers’ recruitment, training and duty schedule to promote environmentally-sustainable practices during KL 2017 at Bukit Jalil Sport City.


Dr Joann is a strong advocate that education changes lives and continues to learn from everyone and anything she encounters. She is eager to collaborate in development of pedagogical activities that infuses experiential learning and community engagement through environmental care.

Portrait photo for Associate Professor Dr Kandappan Balasubramanian

Associate Professor Dr Kandappan Balasubramanian

Sustainable Tourism Impact Lab Director

Dr Kandappan Balasubramanian (Dr Kandy) is an Associate Professor from the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events and Associate Director-Human Capital Development of the Centre for Research and Innovation in Tourism (CRiT), Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management (FSLM), Taylor's University, Malaysia who has embraced technology as part of his teaching and learning pedagogy and continuously empowers to innovate himself with the latest developments of technology in order to meet the changing needs of today's learners.


He has taken the mandate and made it as personal aspiration on, striving to broaden his ability in technology integration in the classroom. Dr Kandappan innovation and transformation in teaching and learning during the pandemic is well-recognised by awarding him as one of the “Taylor’s Distinguished e-Learning Educator (DeE) Class of 2021”.

Portrait photo for Dr Neo Yun Ping

Dr Neo Yun Ping

Food Security and Nutrition Impact Lab Deputy Director

Dr Neo is currently the Food Security & Nutrition Impact Lab Deputy Director and the Programme Director of Food Science Bachelor, School of Biosciences, Taylor’s University.


As an academic, she focuses on designing and implementing active learning activities through multidisciplinary and collaborative networked platform. She is currently facilitating multidisciplinary as well as industry-based projects by working with companies such as Novozymes and Kawan Food. Neo aims to making exciting advances in food science by considering some of the big issues such as food security, reduction of food waste, food sustainability, and creation of healthier tastier foods.


She has given several invited talks at international conferences on topics related to electrospinning nanofabrication techniques and alternative protein sources. Her research areas include food contact material, food nanotechnology, food hydrocolloids and development of functional food, which she has secured a few humble research grants. She lives her purpose by working on real-world projects that could gain insights into industry operations in food science and contributing potential solutions that solve the food crisis problem through her research outcomes.


She authored/co-authored various peer reviewed publications as chapters in books or articles in international journals. She is also in the editorial board for Frontiers in Nutrition (Food Chemistry), and appointed as a co-opted council member of Malaysian Institute of Food Technology (MIFT) since 2020.

Portrait photo for Norshahila Binti Mohamad Razak

Norshahila Binti Mohamad Razak

Eradicating Poverty Impact Lab Deputy Director

Wan Puspa Melati is the Deputy Director for Eradicating Poverty Impact Lab and the Head of the Department at the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SLAS), Taylor’s University, Malaysia.


Identifies herself as a Clinical Sociologist and passionate about the community, Wan Puspa Melati has worked with both local and international NGOs as well as managed grassroots empowerment programmes for various target groups. This includes community work with children of low-income households, single mothers, abused women and children, high-risk youths, transgendered individuals, senior citizens as well as the Deaf community.


She has also led national and international research grants as well as published in these areas. She is the Honorary Secretary of the Malaysian Social Science Association. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and Anthropology from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). She completed her MSc in Sociology from the University of Oxford, UK (Oxford) and her BA in Sociology and Psychology from the University of San Francisco, US (USF). She is also the regional representative for International Sociological Association Research Committee for Clinical Sociology (RC-46).


Melati has recently published a book entitled "Clinical Sociology: Moving from Theory to Practice" by Springer International through which she champions the need for sociologists to engage in applied work and work collaboratively with other experts to ensure impactful effort in the community.

Portrait photo for Ir Dr Phang Swee King

Ir Dr Phang Swee King

Digital Innovation and Smart Society Impact Lab Deputy Director

Dr. Phang is currently serving as the Digital Innovation and Smart Society Impact Lab Deputy Director and a Senior Lecturer at Taylor’s University's School of Engineering. He has received his Bachelor of Engineering and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore (NUS).


As an academic, Dr. Phang has been involved in a range of multidisciplinary industry-based projects, working with companies such as Alphaswift Industries, Daikin Malaysia, and HSS Engineers to cultivate and inspire creativity and innovation in young engineers. He is an expert in automation and robotics, with a particular focus on autonomous vehicles.


He has presented at numerous international conferences and published over 70 peer-reviewed articles with a Scopus Citation h-index of 14. Additionally, he currently serves on the Board of Editors for Unmanned Systems, a Q1 journal indexed in Web of Science, and has served as an editor for multiple international conference proceedings in the past five years.


Dr. Phang is also a Corporate Member of the Institute of Engineers Malaysia (MIEM), a registered Professional Engineer (PEng) with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM), and a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) from the United States. These professional affiliations reflect his ongoing commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest developments and best practices in engineering.

Portrait photo for Dr Praveena Nair Sivasankaran

Dr Praveena Nair Sivasankaran

Clean Technology Impact Lab Deputy Director

Dr. Praveena is a dedicated academician, researcher, and educator with over 10 years of experience in clean technology. Currently serving as the Deputy Director of Clean Technology Impact Lab, she is passionate about promoting sustainable solutions and environmentalism.


As a social entrepreneur, she has established her own enterprise focusing on green solutions. Dr. Praveena collaborates with local authorities to organize seminars on plastic overuse and conducts workshops to teach communities how to repurpose cooking oil. She actively engages with government authorities on waste plastic disposal initiatives.


With expertise in green materials and biomimicry, she contributes to research and education in clean technology. Driven by her commitment to animal welfare, she serves as the Vice-President of the Malaysian Animal Welfare Association (MAWA). Her accomplishments have earned her recognition as a successful leader and women's advocate. Through her multifaceted roles, Dr. Praveena continues to inspire and empower communities towards a sustainable and greener future. 

Portrait photo for Prema Ponnudurai

Prema Ponnudurai

Education for All Impact Lab Director

Prema Ponnudurai is the Director of the Education for All Impact Lab at Taylor’s University and is also the Head of School, School of Media and Communication at Taylor’s University. A graduate of English Literature (Hons) from the University of Buckingham, England, she has also a Masters in English as a Second Language (MESL) from the University of Malaya, Malaysia and is currently pursuing her PhD in Education focusing on work-based learning.  


She has over two decades of knowledge and hands-on experience in the fields of teaching and learning, leadership, administration and has numerous publications, book chapters and news articles to her name. She is an alumna of the US State Department, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs and completed a Fellowship as a Visiting Scholar at New York University (NYU, US). She has recently been appointed as a Consultant for Educational Conventions with Conference Partners. 


Her passion lies in bringing education to the forefront in order to reduce inequalities, support communities and individuals in need to achieve socioeconomical mobility and improve the quality of life. Seeped in this commitment, she continuously works with various local and international organisations and individuals such as Yayasan Chow Kit, Tenaganita and was on the feedback committee of the United Nations Development Program to promote and touch lives through education. She firmly believes in the words of Nelson Mandela, ‘it is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to a good education’.

Portrait photo for Associate Professor Ts Dr Goh Wei Wei

Associate Professor Ts Dr Goh Wei Wei

Digital Health and Innovations Impact Lab Deputy Director

Associate Professor Ts Dr Goh Wei Wei is currently the Digital Health and Innovations Impact Lab Deputy Director and Programme Director of Bachelor of Information Technology, senior lecturer at the School of Computer Science at Taylor’s University. She received her Ph.D. major in E-learning from the University of Derby, UK. She has been in the academic for the past 20 years. Associate Professor Ts Dr Goh Wei Wei has been working on learning, teaching and assessment design strategies, online learning technologies, social media technologies, knowledge management, Machine Learning and Internet of Things research. She emphasised her familiarity with online technologies due to her experience of using them in teaching as she likes to develop technology-rich classrooms. She has been working on various multi-disciplinary projects with the Design School too. 


Associate Professor Ts Dr Goh Wei Wei has recently won 2 gold medal awards, and 1 bronze medal award in International University Carnival on E-learning (IUCEL) 2022, 1 bronze medal award in Econdev 2022 for her experience in developing technology-rich classrooms initiatives. She introduced Engage VR platform to create an immersive presence in the virtual learning environment to her students. She also let her students have the hands-on experience of using the Oculus Quest 2 and HoloLens to experience Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


Associate Professor Ts Dr Goh Wei Wei also won a total of 4 silver medals award in Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) in year  2021 and 2022 for her innovative Internet of Things prototype development related to digital health and innovations. She also won silver medal for Smart Medication Management and Medicine Delivery System in 32nd International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition in 2021.


Associate Professor Ts Dr Goh Wei Wei has the practical skills, the hands-on experience and the educational credentials to make a significant difference to the university.

Portrait photo for Dr Tang Yin Quan

Dr Tang Yin Quan

Medical Advancement for Better Quality of Life Impact Lab Deputy Director

Dr Tang Yin Quan is currently the Deputy Director of Impact Lab - Medical Advancement for better quality of life and senior lecturer from School of Biosciences, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Taylor’s University.


Prior to joining the Faculty, Yin Quan has accumulated four years of postdoctoral experience in multidisciplinary research fields including cancer theragnostics, regenerative medicine, medical pharmacology, genetic engineering, bioinformatics, virology, and cardiovascular biology, at the University of Malaya, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (U.S.) and ICGEB (Italy).


Being a biomedical scientist more than 10 years, Yin-Quan’s research interest is quite wide-ranging under the general umbrella of biomedical sciences with the aim to develop advanced diagnostic tools and new therapeutic strategies to find new ways to cure or treat human diseases. However, his main interests are using bioinformatics approaches for anti-cancer drug discovery.


He lives his purpose through collaborative projects with different national and international institutes like University of Malaya (Malaysia), Sunway University (Malaysia), Monash University Malaysia, ICGEB (Italy), Mae Fah Luang University (Thailand). His projects are currently sponsored by MOHE-FRGS, MAKNA (Majlis Kanser Nasional) and MTSF (Malaysia Toray Science Foundation).

Portrait photo for Dr A. Vijayalakshmi Venugopal

Dr A. Vijayalakshmi Venugopal

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Impact Lab Deputy Director

Dr Vijaya is the Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions Impact Lab Deputy Director, as well as the Programme Director for the PhD in Law programme at Taylor’s University.


She has written three books and numerous articles in law, primarily in contempt of court and intellectual property law. She has been teaching law for over 20 years.

Portrait photo for Professor Dr Yeong Chai Hong

Professor Dr Yeong Chai Hong

Medical Advancement for Better Quality of Life Impact Lab Director

Dr. Yeong is a medical physicist, a certified Radiation Protection Officer and a Professor at the School of Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Taylor’s University.


She is the current President of the South-East Asia Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (SEAFOMP) 2022-2025, and Vice President of the Malaysian Association of Medical Physics (MAMP). She is also the Chair of the Medical Physics World Board, International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP) 2022-2025, and Chair of the Professional Relations Committee of the Asia-Oceania Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (AFOMP) 2019-2022.


She has more than 14 years of teaching and research experience in the fields of medical physics and radiology. She has supervised 2 post-doctoral fellows, 8 PhD students, 3 MSc students, and more than 45 clinical Master’s projects. Her research teams have won several local and international awards, including the most recent Medical Grand Challenge 2022 (Second Prize) and Engineering Grand Challenge 2021 (First Prize) in Singapore. To date, she has published more than 70 peer-reviewed journal papers, 2 academic books, 2 book chapters, and she currently owns 4 patents to her name. She also serves as a reviewer for multiple world renowned journals. 


Her contribution in medical physics has led her to be the first South-East Asian who received the prestigious IUPAP Young Scientist Award in 2021. She was also the first Malaysian who received the SEAFOMP Young Leaders Award in 2017. In 2019, she was presented the President’s Award by Taylor’s University in recognition of her outstanding contribution in research and innovation.