Taylor’s 100% Online Postgraduate Programmes offer busy learners with multiple commitments or international learners the life-changing and career-building opportunity to pursue a Master’s or Postgraduate Certificate qualification at their own pace.

These programmes are flexible, practical, and deliver the exceptional quality of education that Taylor’s University, the No. 1 Private University in Malaysia & Southeast Asia 3 years in a row based on QS World University Rankings 2023, is known for.



*Taylor’s 100% Online Postgraduate Programmes are strictly available for students from countries which endorse Online Learning.





Master of Business Administration
Network with industry practitioners and learn to foresee future trends and bring about noticeable changes in the business world with Taylor’s 100% Online MBA.
Master of Applied Computing
The Master of Applied Computing (MAC) programme is committed to educating the next generation of world-class innovators. 
Master of Teaching & Learning
Gain core pedagogical knowledge, learning area studies and reflective practice courses with Taylor’s 100% Online Master of Teaching and Learning.
Postgraduate Certificate in Education
Get prepared for a second career option with Taylor's Postgraduate Certificate in Education.
Master of Global Hospitality Management
Take up a hospitality masters at Taylor’s. An academically rigorous programme with a strong industry orientation.


Taylor's team has been a pioneer and a leading expert in the field of online learning for more than a decade. Combining the best pedagogic practices with the latest technology and educational innovation, Taylor’s provides a world class learning experience to keep you continuously engaged and motivated throughout your journey. Find out more about Taylor’s unique design approach for online learning on our website.


Learn more on how Taylor's 100% Online Postgrduate Programmes was crafted.


1) Do all students have access to the learning facilitators ?

Yes. As an online student, you will benefit from the support of learning facilitators throughout the entire programme. Reach out to the facilitators when in need of academic support to ease your learning.  

2) I have a Bachelor’s degree not relevant to the field of study that I have an interest in. Am I eligible, and can I consider enrolling in the programme?

Yes, however, a bridging module is required for students who are not from a degree in the relevant field. If you require additional information, use the chat function and our education counsellor will assist you. 

3) Am I eligible for scholarships?

Yes, Taylor's University scholarships are available for selected students. Please refer to our Scholarship Page for further information.

4) Can I switch from a 100% Online Learning programme to a conventional programme, and must I do so within a certain timeframe?

Yes, transfers are available and subject to credit transfer requirements. Thus, it is advisable to complete the 7 weeks module you are enrolled in before requesting for transfer.  

5) How long is a programme term?

The programme term is 8 weeks long, including 1 week of induction to be briefed on the module you are about to take, 6 learning weeks and 1 week for the preparation of the final assessment and a summary of the learning throughout the module.

6) Is it compulsory to attend the weekly live session?

No, attendance is not compulsory as all live sessions are recorded and made available on the platform. However, it is to your advantage to attend the live session as you will have the opportunity to connect with your lecturers.

7) How are examinations conducted ?

Students are assessed through the completion of several assignments. A module commonly includes three assessments that can be completed at home and uploaded on the learning platform by the submission date.

8) How is a programme conducted and how do I know if I am learning effectively?

The weekly content you will be required to go through includes bite-sized activities designed to help you check if you have correctly acquired and understood the intended learning. The online activities take a few minutes to complete, and help you progress confidently from one topic to another.

9) Are the 100% Online Postgraduate Programmes by Taylor's University in Malaysia recognised by employers worldwide?

Yes, as a leading global institution Taylor's is ranked among the TOP 1 % in employer reputation. Taylor’s University retains its position as Malaysia’s leading private university in the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022, ranking 16th in the world for the Graduate Employment Rate indicator. 

10) Can I study Taylor's 100% Online Postgraduate Programme from any where in the world?

Yes, to date we welcome students from more than 40 countries and look forward to welcoming more nationalities to join Taylor's University.


Successful participation in our online and blended programmes or for remote teaching requires students to have uninterrupted access to the following: 

  • Mobile or desktop device with a camera and microphone that has internet access 
  • The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge web browsers 
  • Mobile or desktop device where Zoom, Panopto and Microsoft Office 365 (licenses will be provided) can be accessed  
  • Mobile or desktop device that allows software to be downloaded and updated from the internet 
  • Mobile or desktop device that allows media to be played such as Vimeo or YouTube videos
Hardware Requirements



Software Requirements

*You will see some recommended software above but must be able to confirm unrestricted regional access to the aforementioned technologies.