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Doctor of Philosophy (Science) is a research-based program offered in School of Biosciences. The School's research strategy provides students with the opportunity to experience the research process to instill the passion for discovery.




PhD by Prior Publication is a pathway to achieve a Doctoral award. The candidate’s publications before registration are included in the submission for the Doctoral award.


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3 to 6-year

Full-Time Programme

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4 to 8-year

Part-Time Programme

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2 Modes

Normal and Prior Publication



*Bachelor’s degree in Science candidates who are registered for master’s degree programmes in Science may apply to convert to the doctoral degree programmes subjected to the following conditions:

i. Within 1 year for full time and within 2 years for part-time candidates;

ii. Having shown competency and capability in conducting research at doctoral level through rigorous internal evaluation.

iii. Approval of the Taylor’s University Senate.

*Any of the above conditions would require student's research proposal to be approved. 

*All information is subject to change. The above entry requirements serve as a guideline. Readers are responsible to verify the information by contacting the university's Admissions Department. 


*All information is subject to change. The above entry requirements serve as a guideline. Readers are responsible to verify the information by contacting the university’s Admissions Department.

FAQ for Prior Publication

1) How long is the candidature?

The minimum duration of candidature is 6 months and must not exceed 2 years.

2) What are the criteria for the award of the degree?

The minimum requirement for the award of the degree is to:

(a) Pass thesis examination and viva-voce/ oral examination.

(b) Confirmation of meeting minimum candidature period (from the first day of intake commencement to confirmation of satisfactory amendment of thesis/dissertation by examiners).

3) How will progression tracking be done?

Progression tracking is done by monitoring of research progress periodically through:

a) Regular consultation with the supervisors (supervisor-supervisee log);

b) Progress report; and Seminars (research seminar, thesis completion seminar).



The program seeks to develop graduates with the competencies to synthesize knowledge, adapt practical sills, conduct research independently, display leadership qualities and appraise problems critically using scientific skills.


Full Time:

3 – 6 years

Part Time:

4 – 8 years


Students are required to pass the Research Methodology modules (6 credit hours) in the first year of their candidature.


At Taylor’s University, we believe research can help shape the future. Our postgraduate research programmes cover a broad range of topics with the aim to help shape the future in the aspects of society, technology, economy, and environment.

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Infectious Diseases

The rich biodiversity of Malaysia enables the discovery of novel compounds to fight infectious diseases. At Taylor’s University, the identified natural compounds will be examined for their bioactive properties as well as their mode of action. In addition to the antimicrobial research, the host-pathogen interaction research is focused to understand the disease manifestation in host cells.

Non-Communicable Diseases

Diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, a sedentary lifestyle and stress have contributed to greater incidences of heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes and cancer, among others. Available drugs for these diseases are often accompanied by undesirable side effects, not selective enough or simply too expensive. Hence, this cluster targets the discovery of novel lead compounds and to scientifically validate natural remedies for lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

Environmental Research

Research conducted in this cluster focuses in bioremediation, taxonomic identification of marine flora and to facilitate the development of mechanisms or processes that are in compliance with environmental laws. It will target improvement in resources savings, waste disposal and resolving environmental stress issues. In addition, researchers in this cluster also provide consultation and training in environmental management systems.

Food Science And Nutrition

The broader aim of research in this cluster is to study the fundamentals and applied aspects of new functional foods, medical foods and nutraceuticals as well as new technologies that facilitate development of novel consumer products that enhance human health, food safety and functionality.


More than 300 postgraduates have chosen Taylor's to fulfill their research aspiration. Join us and contribute to our innovative and progressive research projects here.

Who Should Join This Programme?

Fees and Scholarship

Approximate Total Fees
(Local Students):

RM 48,650 (Full-Time)

RM 36,576 (Part-Time)


Approximate Total Fees for Prior Publication Mode
(Local Students):

RM 35,700

Approximate Total Fees
(International Students):

USD 16,384


Approximate Total Fees for Prior Publication Mode
(International Students):

USD 11,997

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Fees will be reviewed annually. For the avoidance of doubt, Taylor’s reserves the right to revise the fee payable for any given semester.