At The Design School, we apply the best of analytical and creative thinking to produce design graduates who are equipped to play a strategic role in shaping the profitability and success of organisations.

The Design School teaches students how to understand consumers’ needs and behaviours, challenge conventions and think outside the box across various design disciplines; interior architecture, interior design, graphic design, new media, animation, visual effects and entertainment design from foundation to diploma and degree levels.

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Industry Exposure

Our students engage in strategic collaborations with industry leaders to solve real-world challenges and participate in local and international showcases.


Our students absorb artistic influences from different parts of the world via Activity Week, ASEAN Cultural Exchange, International Workshops and more.

Wide Artistic Influence

The Design School’s Lecture Series is conducted by leading industry professionals and is organised throughout the academic year.


Diploma In Interior Design (DID)

Develop an understanding of contemporary construction technology, and build capabilities such as space planning, creative problem-solving, and understanding of design issues.

Bachelor Of Arts (Hons) In Interior Architecture

Secure the career pathway to becoming a Registered Interior Designer with Taylor’s interior architecture degree.

Bachelor Of Design (Hons) In Creative Multimedia

Study the fundamental processes of design theory and practice through problem- and studio-based learning.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the practice of conceptualising and visualising ideas and experiences with illustration, photography, digital imagery and media.

New Media

New Media is for students who are fascinated by visual design, user experience design, interactivity, experiential design and games design to design cutting-edge interactive solutions.

Animation & Visual Effects

The Animation and Visual Effects specialisation aims to enable students to develop professional animation and visual effects skills, with the versatility to practice in a variety of digital media.

Entertainment Design

The Entertainment Design specialisation focuses on the productions of movies, games and animations along with the spinoff or ancillary licensing and merchandising industry.

Master of Design

The Master of Design emphasises on the combination of Arts & Sciences to promote Business & Technology, with collaboration with an organisation for their research endeavours.

Doctor of Philosophy in Design Management

The Doctor of Philosophy in Design Management is intended to promote the researcher/s to formulate a significant problem statement that relates to a broader research framework.


Taylor's University offers our students with wide options of overseas transfer to meet their unique learning profiles.



Taylor's University offers our students with customisable education pathway to meet their unique learning profiles.

Student will able to get exclusive and personalised learning experiences as they progress in their education toward graduation.


Carpentry Workshop

The Carpentry Workshop allows students to visualise and translate their ideas from a concept into a solid, presentable form.

Photography Studio

The studio is equipped with a range of lamps, diffusors, reflectors and a variety of backdrop materials.

Design Mac Lab

The Design Mac Lab is equipped with the latest industry standard design software and hardware.

Drawing Rooms

The Drawing Rooms are equipped with easels stands and drawing tables and are dedicated spaces for students to learn the use of a variety of media and materials.

Multimedia Lab

The Multimedia Lab is equipped with powerful machines that allow students to work on 3-dimensional (3D) and animation projects, pushing the boundaries of digital expression.

Printmaking Room

The Printmaking Room provides hands-on exposure to the printmaking processes using a variety of printing techniques and book binding.

Design Studio

The Design Studio offers a place for students to produce, refine and assemble their design ideas into tangible forms for presentation and critique.

Centre of Design and Architecture (CoDA)

A dedicated space for student art exhibition and a gallery for invited international artists to display their artwork.

3D Printers

Industry grade 3D Printers for rapid prototyping of design concepts and 3D visualizations.