Taylor's School of Medicine aims to become a centre of excellence in early medical education by adopting an education philosophy that embraces the best of both traditional and modern teaching approaches. This ultimately grooms highly skilled and knowledgeable medical doctors with a heart for healing the sick, and the dedication to elevate the medical profession as a whole.


Patient-Centric Curriculum

With regular outreach field trips to urban and rural communities, we instill compassion, social awareness and volunteerism into our medical students.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our facilities and equipment are on par with the standards set by the Malaysian Medical Council and the Ministry of Higher Education.

Clinical Elective Module (CEM)

Experience hands-on patient care in different countries , providing international exposure and experience to adapt in different situations.

Early Clinical & Hospital Exposure

Professional values and ethical practice are woven into the hearts of our students, and strengthened through early clinical training and hospital exposure.


Bachelor Of Medicine, Bachelor Of Surgery (Mbbs)

Gain extensive knowledge in medical sciences and clinical skills, and be equipped for the latest practices and developments in the industry.

Master of Science in Medical Science (Research)

The programme provides opportunities for students who are interested to pursue a Master degree in a broad range of disciplines in health sciences.

Doctor of Philosophy (Medical Science)

Explore extensive research areas including infectious diseases and environmental research with Taylor’s Doctor of Philosophy in Sciences.


Taylor's University offers our students with customisable education pathway to meet their unique learning profiles.

Student will able to get exclusive and personalised learning experiences as they progress in their education toward graduation.


Anatomy Lab

Master basic knowledge of human body structures and obtain hands-on experiences (including dissecting cadavers) to study human anatomy and human physiology.

Anatomy and Pathology Museum

Exhibits of various anatomy teaching collection and gross pathological specimens that are crucial to surgical pathology and hands-on approach with real anatomy specimens.

Clinical Skills Suite

Purpose-built centre with standardised patients and computerized human models (mannequins) capable of simulating diseases, for hands-on experiences to practice and improve on basic clinical skills.

Multidisciplinary Lab

A state-of-the-art facility designed for a holistic practical experience on human physiology, biochemistry and microbiology at a molecular level.