The Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours), Master of Philosophy (Pharmacy), Master of Philosophy (Pharmaceutical Sciences), and Doctor of Philosophy (Pharmaceutical Sciences) programmes at Taylor’s School of Pharmacy have received full accreditation by the Malaysian Pharmacy Board. 

Aside from our emphasis on a research-focused curriculum, we create experiences that extend beyond the classroom via team building, conference participation and field visits that help students widen their perspectives through the practical application of their theory-based health science and pharmaceutical knowledge.

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All-Rounded Learning Experience

Creating beyond the classroom experiences to help students widen their perspective through the practical application of theory based knowledge.

Research-Focused Curriculum

An emphasis on research allows the school to anticipate issues affecting the industry and constantly question general truths.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Student Adoption Programme

Providing students at our leading pharmacy university, Malaysia with the opportunity to work with leading healthcare providers and industry pharmacies.


Our high curriculum standard is internationally recognised. We offer the option of completing your biosciences programme with one of our established partner universities in the United Kingdom and Australia.


Foundation In Science

A one-year programme that prepares students with practical skills through our well-equipped science laboratories and learning experience with various online tools.

Bachelor Of Pharmacy (Honours)

The School of Pharmacy, fully accredited by the Malaysian Pharmacy Board, raises pharmaceutical education standards, producing excellent professionals.

Master Of Philosophy in Pharmacy

Explore key research areas in Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology & Toxicology and more with Taylor’s Master of Philosophy in Pharmacy Research.

Master of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Receive a broad-based training and undertake research projects in key specialised areas with Master of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Science.

Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Explore extensive research areas including infectious diseases and environmental research with Taylor’s Doctor of Philosophy in Sciences.



Taylor's University offers our students with customisable education pathway to meet their unique learning profiles.

Student will able to get exclusive and personalised learning experiences as they progress in their education toward graduation.



Aseptic Suite

This sterile preparation suite mimics those found in hospitals and in the pharmaceutical industry, and meets stringent international industry standards.

Pharmaceutics Lab

A specifically created lab with modern machinery and equipments designed to teach product and process development.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Analysis Lab

The facility is used to provide routine chemical and biological sample analysis; training to students and postdoctoral associates to run the self-service equipment; and opportunities for collaborative research in chemical analysis.

Dispensary Facility

This mock dispensary has been built, designed and fitted to the specification of an active community pharmacy. It is used for all aspects of practice, including counselling patients and health education.

Important Note: The details on this page are as released (serve as a guide only) and are subject to change. Students must regularly refer to their schools to get the latest updates.