Established in 1998, Taylor’s Computing & IT offers a range of career-focused programmes, where graduates continue to meet industry standards, filling out the talent pool in ICT. Our motto, “Driving Innovation Through Technology” aims to provide students with ample opportunities to influence the future of the modern world  - pioneering the frontiers of Computing and Information Technology with a positive impact on society.

Our industry relevant curriculum is a result of a comprehensive practical content using relevant and latest learning technologies, a conducive environment and multiple strong collaborations including close ties to the industry, professional bodies, government agencies, and academia. With these valuable partnerships, the School encourages and enables students to undertake innovative projects in its quest to nurture budding technopreneurs. 



Dual Award

Equal certification from Taylor’s University and the University of the West of England (UWE), UK, with the option to transfer to UWE in the final year.


The School encourages and enables students to undertake innovative projects in its quest to nurture budding technopreneurs.

Smart Partnerships

Strategic alliances with industry partners facilitate dynamic knowledge exchange, enabling our students to reap the rewards of these collaborations.


Foundation In Computing

Emphasising on ‘learning by doing’, students regularly work on actual projects that instill core competencies in the field of computing and information technology.

Diploma In Information Technology (DIT)

Combining theory and real experiences, our programme covers key technical knowledge in methods of analysing user requirements and specifications, programming and website creation.

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)

Learn the capability to design, develop, integrate and maintain computer applications and systems, as well as innovation in the application of computer solutions and technology.

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Hons)

Design, analyse and manage complex systems involving multiple engineering disciplines, combining theory and practical approaches to software engineering.

Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)

Learn to combine theory and hands-on practice to develop Internet applications, harness e-commerce technologies, support information retrieval, and configure networks and databases.

Master In Computer Science

This research programme facilitates students to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in seeking computing solutions to organization’s or societal needs.

Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science)

This research programme facilitates a strong grounding in algorithmic foundations of computing and endeavours scientific research in a variety of fields in Computer Science or IT.