Outside of US, Taylor’s School of Engineering is the first in Southeast Asia to adopt the CDIO™ Initiative and register with the Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GSCP), enabling us to apply these approaches to create engineers who are able to meet the real-world demands of their profession and provide solutions for the betterment of humankind.

Through project-based learning, we encourage our engineering school students to explore their passion in their chosen areas of specialisation and work on actual projects that are in line with the Grand Challenges throughout their duration of study in the engineering programmes.


CDIO™ Initiative

1st Engineering School in Malaysia to be accepted as a collaborator in the prestigious CDIO™ Initiative.

NAE Grand Challenge Scholars Program

1st Engineering School outside the US to offer this Scholars Program recognised by the National Academy of Engineering.

Taylor's Racing Team

Taylor’s Racing Team (TRT) is an avenue for students to unleash their potential by challenging themselves and putting their knowledge into practice.

Strong Industrial Alliances

Strategic alliances between our engineering courses with top industry players such as Shell, Petronas, Honeywell and SCOMI Group Bhd.


Foundation In Engineering

Be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills and learn through hands-on learning activities such as case studies and real-life projects.

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours

Transform raw materials into useful products safely and efficiently with Taylor’s innovative Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Honours

Gain an understanding of fundamental theories and concepts; from designing and manufacturing the latest consumer devices to sophisticated scientific and industrial technologies.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours

Gain an understanding of fundamental theories and concepts; to solve challenges and design systems in automotive, power generation, aerospace and manufacturing industries.

Bachelor of Robotic Design and Development (Honours)

Robotic Design and Development at Taylor's is a multi-disciplinary programme combining mechanical engineering, electrical & electronics and computer science.

Master of Science In Engineering

Apply relevant research techniques on interesting research projects such as artificially intelligence with Taylor’s Master in Science and Engineering.

Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

Develop research collaboration and report the research findings at an appropriate level and provide expert advice to society in the relevant field.


Taylor's University offers our students with wide options of overseas transfer to meet their unique learning profiles.



Taylor's University offers our engineering degree students customisable education pathways accredited by the board of engineering Malaysia and more to meet their unique learning profiles.

Student will able to get exclusive and personalised learning experiences as they progress in their education toward graduation.


Advanced Simulations Laboratory

Equipped with powerful computers and software for advanced simulation of real-life challenges to predict and improve on engineering systems behaviour.

Automation & Robotics Laboratory

Well-equipped to encourage students to produce robotic and automation solutions to perform industrial tasks for real life challenges.

Communication & Control Laboratory

This lab trains students to understand the principles behind building wireless communication systems and various automatic control systems.

Energy & Fluids Laboratory

The lab facilitates understanding of different phenomena associated with the behaviour of fluids and the conversion and transfer of energy.

Innovation & Prototyping Laboratory

This one-stop station enables students to students to take products from the drawing board to the real world. Computer-aided designs are used together with the computer numerical control milling machine and the rapid prototyping machine.

Manufacturing Workshop

The workshop is equipped with all the necessary machinery such as milling, lathe, drilling, grinding and welding machines needed to manufacture metal artefacts.

Materials & Solids Laboratory

This lab is designed to perform experiments and research different aspects and properties of solid materials. This includes automotive, smart materials and building materials for heavy industries.

Processes & Reactions Laboratory

This lab facilitates the study of various chemical processes and reactions, to develop skills that are highly required by the oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries.

Research Laboratory

This lab supports the research-led teaching activities of the school, and provides the space for final year students to carry out their research.

Unit Operations Laboratory

This lab allows students to perform experiments of unit operations such as filtration, condensation, separation, evaporations, etc. which is used in various industrial applications.

The 3D Modelling and Product Design studio

We have varying sizes of 13 3-D printers and laser cutter machines for students to generate complex designs in a short amount of time for their undergraduate or research work.