Apart from English courses, Taylor's University Centre for Languages also services various schools at Taylor’s with other international languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, French, Japanese and Korean language.

Currently, these high-demand world languages are only offered as university electives to enrolled students from numerous schools at Taylor’s University and are not offered as a stand-alone intensive course.



Mandarin is the medium of communication in the world's fastest growing economy and is also widely used in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. If you are able to speak Mandarin then you will have the skills to do business in both the East and the West.



Japanese is spoken by the world's second richest country and being able to speak it will not only enhance your prospects of getting a job in a Japanese company, but would also be very helpful in the Tourism sector and in American companies where Japanese speakers command a premium.



French is the language of love and more importantly the language of the fashion industry. It is widely spoken in parts of Africa and some parts of Asia.

French is exceptionally important for those in the restaurant and tourism businesses with many of the best culinary and tourism schools in France.



Spanish is the number 1 language in America and the number 2 language in the USA. It is also the language of a number of emerging economies which could mean some excellent business opportunities.

It is a European language and many in Europe envy the lifestyle of the Spanish with its pleasant climate and wonderful nightlife.



This course covers some of the basic elements in Korean language communication. Topics of communication include formal and informal expression in different situations. Topics of culture include the history and contemporary life of Korean society.



Academic English is aimed at guiding students to attain a high level of English Language proficiency with regards to the development of academic reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.

These four skills are essential for handling academic tasks in their respective fields of study with appropriate competency. Apart from academic tasks, the module also offers problem-based projects and other creative tasks to aid students in building collaborative, teamwork and research skills.



When you’ve successfully completed this course, you could embark on any of these exciting careers: