More than 13,000 alumni represent the reputation of the school worldwide. Students are instilled with a global approach to their studies and future career in the field of hospitality, tourism and events business with an international faculty, dual degrees, and a wide diversity of languages and origins with more than 35% international students enrolled in the School.

The School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events is committed to international, intercultural and global perspectives in our programmes, experiences and teaching. It is to prepare our students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes of future leaders rounded with a global experience acquired while studying.


A. Outbound Semester Exchange
(For School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events students to take one semester of studies overseas)

Students have the opportunity to pursue one to two semesters abroad without paying extra tuition fees to the partner university. Upon completion of the programme, students will be accorded credit for the courses which they have undertaken during that period of exchange. Other expenses may include air fare, accommodation and cost of living.

Taylor’s students exploring the town for the first time in Tampere, Finland

Semester Exchange Partners

The following institutions have agreement with Taylor's University for exchange of students for Semester abroad

Modul University Austria
IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems Austria
New York University in Prague Czech Republic
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences Finland
North Karelia University of Applied Sciences Finland
Tampere University of Applied Sciences Finland
Turku University of Applied Sciences Finland
University Toulouse Jean-Jaurès France
Cologne Business School Germany
Heilbronn University Germany
Free University of Bolzano Italy
Kyunghee University Korea
Saxion University of Applied Sciences Netherlands
University of The Philippines Philippines
Chur University of Applied Sciences Switzerland
Prince of Songkla University Thailand
Robert Gordon University United Kingdom
University College Birmingham United Kingdom
Manchester Metropolitan University United Kingdom
Johnson & Wales University USA
Southwest Minnesota State University USA
Hoa Sen University Vietnam


B. Inbound Semester Exchange

For students interested in studying one semester at School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events, Taylor’s University

Malaysia sits at the crossroads of Asia. Culturally it’s a multi-ethnic society made up of Malays, Chinese and Indians as well as the indigenous peoples of Sarawak and Sabah. It is one of Asia’s most developed countries, with English being widely spoken. Malaysia offers the perfect place from which to both understand and explore Asia.

Exchange students from partner universities are welcome to study for one semester at Taylor’s, taking courses in one of the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Hons)
  • Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons) (Event Management)
  • Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons)


A. Incoming Mobility

Short programmes are developed by the School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events to host groups from partner universities. These programmes are either professional, cultural or managerial with possible integration. The duration of programmes varies between 1 week to 2 months.

Programmes Offered:

  • Tourism Experience in Malaysia
  • KL Project - Malaysia Branding Experience
  • Malay Cuisine… A Journey
  • Restaurant & Culinary Professional Course
  • Hotel and Restaurant Professional Course
  • Malaysia Cultural Programme
  • Market Entry Strategies in Asia (Executive Programme)
  • Tourism Branding & Marketing in Asia (Executive Programme)
  • Doing Business in Asia (Executive Programme)


Yearly Summer School is also programmed in August

Making new friends from Holland, Mexico, South Korea and Italy at a Worldwide Garden Party


B. Outgoing Mobility

Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events students gain global experience with faculty-led tours (Study trips) as well as independent short trips (summer schools, charity projects, etc).




Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events aims to actively support the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) integration. As a responsible institution we are contributing to prepare our students to the opportunities within the South-East Asia region resulting from these changes.

We are already collaborating with institutions in the region. This provides opportunities for students joint programmes, short mobility, study tours and projects in Tourism development, Green hospitality, Community empowerment, entrepreneurship, etc.