Taylor's CSR Continues Works of Charity Amidst Coronavirus

Social distancing and maintaining good hygiene is now the new norm as we continue to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the coronavirus. This has resulted in the disruptions of gatherings, social activities, and giving back to the community. However, Taylor's CSR has continued to support the needy despite the challenges of not meeting face-to-face. 

Since the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in March, the team has been coming up with new and creative programmes and activities that aims to support the B40 families and refugee communities during these trying times. With the sponsorship of different companies, the team managed to successfully encourage the different communities to participate in the initiatives.

Here are some highlights from the weekly initiatives organised:

Nurturing Communication in the Family

Having a good and understanding relationship with each family member is extremely vital especially when we’re safe at home during the MCO. Realising the potential stress faced by the families, the team saw the need to help parents and children communicate and understand each other better. 

During the ideation stage, the team received help from Humankind, a local enterprise that aims to improve social and emotional well-being among all communities, to come up with different activities that would help with their goal.

One of the activities includes helping children express their emotions, especially those who may not be confident in voicing out, by making a face from different objects around the house. This was followed by a guided Q&A session by the parents in order for them to better understand their children’s emotions. With Canon’s sponsorship, they were able to help a total of 240 people from different families.

Children receiving groceries from their participation in the Canon Kids Activity.

Aside from that, the team executed other activities including running and conducting their e-learning modules as well as managing storytelling sessions for children.

Developing Business Skills for the Digital World

In partnership with CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad, the Taylor's CSR team has been running Program Keusahawanan(PK) that trains people from different communities with entrepreneurial abilities. 

Due to the MCO, many companies are looking to move online to stay afloat during these difficult times and even more so for the PK alumni who are faced with a reduction, if not a complete stop in business, affecting their livelihood and obtaining basic needs. Hence, the team started a series of weekly online classes, which sees an attendance of 70 to 100 alumni of PK per week, to encourage, educate, and equip them with the knowledge of moving their business online. Among the topics that are taught include online marketing, using delivery apps, and having a standard operating procedure set. 

With CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad sponsoring groceries, the team was able to host additional quizzes and contests revolving the lesson, with the groceries used as an incentive, which encouraged the community to participate in the lessons. By providing the people in the communities with these skills, they are given a chance to sustain themselves not only during the MCO period but also the future.

Screenshots of the Facebook group used to help the PK alumni to move their business online.

Supporting Women and Their Needs

The MCO has undoubtedly affected everyone in one way or another. There have even been reports of an increase in women reporting depression, anxiety, and stress, due to uncertainties. Seeing the need to provide extra care to the women from the communities, the Taylor's CSR team is now organising weekly women-specific programmes, instead of the usual 2 to 4 times a year, in hopes of keeping them motivated during these trying times. 

The sessions that are executed by the team, which includes a psychologist, focuses on activities centred on topics like coping with emotions and managing stress, ways on maintaining a positive mindset, practical steps on family planning, taking care of your children and family, ways to stay healthy, and many more. These women are also encouraged to leverage on the entrepreneurship lessons to venture into their own business.

Women showing what they’ve learned during their activities.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Takaful, Canon, and CIMB Islamic Bank Berhad, the Taylor's CSR team were able to successfully carry out the activities and provide incentives for the communities to participate in the various programmes. As the situation progresses, the team continues to work towards providing new and appropriate incentives and activities catered to the ever-changing needs of the different communities. 


The team has been working unceasingly in finding more sponsorship to continuously support and provide for these communities in need. Play your part and show your support, by emailing to discuss how you can help out. Stay updated on Taylor's CSR initiatives through their Facebook page or support the community in need and their business through KedaiKitaLah.